3 Basic Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Brand New Car

Buying a car is a lot like being in a relationship. You have to ensure that you will have a smooth ride. This is especially important if you purchased the latest Ford Escape or a Hyundai Elantra vehicles. Taking your car out on a regular date to a Beaudesert Ford service centre will help keep it in good shape. This will also translate to a better driving experience and smoother steering.
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However, taking your car out on a date to a Beaudesert Ford service centre can sometimes be costly. It is ideal if you still have a service warranty that comes with your brand new car. But if your warranty is over, visiting service centres for regular maintenance can get pricey. Take a look at these basic maintenance tips to keep your Ford Escape or Hyundai Elantra in tip-top shape.
1. Keep your Car Manual. It is so easy to get excited and lose your car’s manual when you have a new ride. Thinking of all the places you can go and the adventures you want to enjoy can get overwhelming. Before you get carried away, make sure to keep your manual in a safe place. Read what it says before you go on an adventure. Following what the manual says is a good way to extend the life of your car. Even if you have a friend who is an expert in car repairs, following the manual is still important as it lists necessary items like changing your fluids, checking the oil colour and level and the right grade of fuel recommended for your vehicle. Click here Scenic Motors
2. Clean Regularly. If you want to ensure that your car is free from harmful debris or bug infestation, make sure to keep the car clean from the inside out. This is an important step especially if you live near the ocean. You don’t want sand or dust to settle on the car floor as the salt in the sand can corrode the body paint. Washing regularly is also a good practice.
3. Learn How to Replace the Air Filter. Your car’s air filter acts like your lungs. You don’t want to clog the filter as it will affect your fuel consumption. Replacing any clogged air filters with carbureted engines is a good way for your car to be fuel-efficient and improve acceleration. If you don’t know how to do this step, you can take your Ford to any Beaudesert Ford service and watch closely how their mechanics change the air filter. You can also ask them to show you how to do it for your convenience.
The above are just a few ways on how you can extend the life of your vehicle. Whether you opt for a Ford or a Hyundai, make sure to choose an accredited dealership that will also handle all repairs and car servicing concerns. If you would rather opt for a Hyundai, you can check out the new Hyundai price Beaudesert dealers offer on sale. This will help you get a better deal especially when you need car servicing Beaudesert dealers currently offer. You can also ask recommendation from your family and friends for the best car service centre Beaudesert wide that they have already tried. Or you may visit http://www.scenicmotors.com.au/ for more details.