A brief intro to salient features of Aprilia motorbikes

When it comes to choosing between a car and motorbike, many people still prefer the latter, mainly because of affordability and just the right functions it serves in owners’ lives. As you know, motorcycles enjoy certain advantages like maneuverability, higher mileage, parking convenience, less maintenance and so on. In addition to these, bikes such as the Aprilia motorbikes with their smooth riding capability add thrill to riding. The powerful engine of Aprilia is so rugged built that it can comfortably zoom on any road.

Brief history of Aprilia:

Aprilia is one of the popular motorcycle manufacturers from Italy. In 2004, Aprilia was acquired by Piaggio, but the original brand name ‘Aprilia’ continues to stay. Aprilia manufactures both scooters and motorcycles. However, since the recent past, the company has pioneered itself in the manufacture of motorcycles. The sports motorcycle of 1000 cc introduced by this company has proven its mettle in several racing events.

Bikes with improved technology;

Since the recent past, Aprilia has been introducing several models of motorcycles at regular intervals. These new models of Aprilia motorbikeshave several improved features, which ensure comfortable and safe riding. Further, the new models of motorbikes are less on maintenance, and they are also known for their elegant design.

Some of the popular brands of motorbikes introduced by Aprilia are briefly explained here:

Caponord: This is a four stroke twin engine motorbike which has 1197 cc displacement. This 6 speed motorbike has 125 HP maximum power output. For added safety, the bike is equipped with 320 mm stainless steel floating brake disc on the front. The rear brake is equipped with 240 mm stainless disc.

Dorsoduro: This motorbike is popular for its fascinating elegance. This is a 750 cc motorcycle and has all the features of a sports bike. Electronic engine management is one of the notable features of this motorbike.  The four stroke bike has liquid cooling mechanism. This helps the engine to continue to perform at its optimum level even after long hours of usage. The 6 speed bike has 12 liters capacity fuel tank and it is also provided with electronic starter.

SX 50: If you are a beginner, SX 50 could be an ideal choice for you. The bike which weighs just 15 kgs has 49 cc displacement. It has 7 liter capacity fuel tank with 1.3 liter reserve. The exterior design of the bike replicates a sports bike.

Visit authorized showroom:

The Aprilia motorbikes are available for inspection with any of the authorized dealers. The authorized dealers also market used Aprilia bikes. They also undertake servicing and repair of all brands of Aprilia bikes. For this purpose, the authorized dealers have established modern workshops. The workshops are in strict compliance with the standards prescribed by the manufacturers of these motorbikes. The authorized dealers also market genuine spare parts for all brands of Aprilia bikes. Every spare part you buy comes with a money-back guarantee. In addition to motorbikes, the authorized dealers also market scooters manufactured by Aprilia.

Buy online:

The authorized dealers also market various accessories like gloves, clothing, helmets, motorcycle’s boots and such other products. You may log on to the authorized dealers and buy the accessories online.