Buy the KIA Optima in Brisbane – A Review

The KIA Optima is KIA’s global saloon car and it is now in its third iteration. The third generation of the vehicle was released in 2008 and offers the value-conscious Australian buyers an incredible value for money thanks to the enhancements in the look of the vehicle. It is gentle car with a no-nonsense impression that is guaranteed to appeal to a cross-section of buyers in the market. You can buy it from a reputable Brisbane KIA dealer such as Toowongkia.

With the latest release of the KIA Optima vehicle, new KIA Brisbane lovers have an automobile with all those important features that were missing in the first generation KIA models such as the refinements in the appearance of the vehicle, an enhanced reliability in the vehicle that is well documented, as well as good resale value that matches that of its key Japanese competitors.

In the third generation of the KIA Optima, buyers have access to a car that is quite sleek in appearance. Apart from the elegant styling of the vehicle, it is also packed with lots of standard features that offer buyers an absolute value for money.

It is a vehicle that offers one of the best features in its class and price range. Buyers also have a great selection of very potent engines to choose from as well as very good value. If you are looking for a reliable car in the mid-size category, then this model will certainly be a top choice for you. With a reliable Brisbane KIA dealer, you will be able to find the perfect model with great standard and optional features.

Design and Styling of the Vehicle

In the third generation of the KIA Optima, the automaker adopted a rather bold and sleek styling and broke away from its past dull look. It has a low glasshouse design and a tiger nose that makes it a car in vogue. It is very much likely to appeal to the current value-conscious car buyers.

The vehicle interior

The car is very spacious and built with innovative technologies such as Blind Spot detection for reversing and changing lanes more safely. It is built with a push-button start as well as smart keys in order to offer drivers maximum convenience when starting the vehicle. By pressing the button at the door handle of KIA Optima, you can open the car and start it without reaching to your pocket for the car keys.

In this vehicle, KIA has incorporated great innovation in the use of technology for great functionality. There is USB, CD as well as AUX ports for entertainment; 8 speakers and a subwoofer are placed strategically in the vehicle’s interior in order to offer occupants a great entertainment experience.

Other interior innovations include the screen satellite navigation systems along with the live traffic updates that increase the efficiency of your driving and help you get to your destinations a lot faster. You can discuss the various options with a Brisbane KIA dealer in order for you to enjoy the best interior experiences in the KIA model.


The performance of the KIA Optima can be described as a careful balance of both the efficiency and the performance. It makes use of cutting edge engine displacement method through the multi-port injection petrol engine technology. There is a six-speed automatic transmission as well as an advanced software tool to ensure a highly optimal gearing mechanism.

Safety features

The KIA Optima has been built with numerous standard as well as optimal safety features that will guarantee you maximum safety when you are driving the vehicle. With this model, you and your family are guaranteed a peace of mind as well as protection on the roads.

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