Car Repair Works: Kinds of Windshield Repair Works and the Procedures Needed

If the windshield of your automobile is damaged, you should have it fixed right away. But make sure to assess the damage before you send it for windscreen repairs. Finding out whether it is either a crack or a chip is beneficial since it will dictate on whether a fix or replacement is in order.

There are benefits when you follow the appropriate procedure if you have the right information about the break. Windscreen repairs Leicester mechanics can then help you with the fix if and when needed.

This article aims to tackle the different types of repair works that are done to damaged windscreens.

Types of Windscreen Repair Works

Chip Repair Work

A rock chip is any small-sized break on the windscreen caused by a rock or other objects that cause a break on impact. It can be classified as either a star break or bullseye. Other kinds of breaks mainly occur from these standard types. Click here

What happens during windscreen repairs in Leicester?

  1. Windshield technicians assess the damage to determine the most suitable repair. Part of the assessment is to measure the size and type of chip and the amount of debris that might be embedded around the damaged part.
  2. The damaged area is then cleaned, cleared of debris and moisture if there is any. This ensures a cloudy spot is avoided.
  3. The chip is sealed using resin, a special material that hardens when exposed to UV light which dries clear the resin and makes it blend with the windshield glass.You will not even know the windscreen was damaged in the first place.
Chipped windcreens Leicester professionals will then wipe off any excess resin. Solutions of Leicester windscreen repairs are generally provided when the weather condition is dry.

Crack Repair Work

If a crack is single and not longer than 24 inches, consider repairing it. Cracks which are not more than one month old can be fixed.

Items used in the course of repair work are:


This is in fact among some of the most crucial aspects used when fixing windscreens. When it comes to new windscreens Leicester mechanics provide, the resin of relatively low viscosity is utilized in chip repairs. This type of resin discovers little obstacles in getting into harder-to-reach locations. On the other hand, that of greater viscosity is the most proper for fracture repairs.

Treating Light

This has an excellent influence on the repair work time and quality. The best curing lights can treat the resin within a short time after application. This is really good to the vehicle owner due to the fact that he or she is able to resume their day-to-day activities immediately after repair. Recommendations from relatives and good friends can assist you to find cheap windscreen repairs in Leicester.


Windscreen repairs Leicester mechanics can assist you when you lack the tools and required skills to fix windscreen damage yourself. Reliable repairs service technicians can supply effective assistance if they have the required tools and proficiency. Leicester windscreen repairs is just a call away.