Important guidelines to find the best courier services in your area

Although the market is flooded with many courier services, finding couriers in Melbourne who put the customer’s interest before anything else could be a challenging task. The major challenge that most people face while dealing with a courier service company is that they do not adhere to timelines. Another challenge is that many courier companies are not equipped to handle all types of deliveries. If the shape and size of the delivery parcel are on the higher side, many courier companies raise their hands as they do not have the infrastructural or vehicle support to deliver such large dimensioned parcels.

To overcome the above mentioned challenges, it is hence important that one finds couriers in Melbourne that would be able to meet these challenges and still deliver parcels with ease. Here are some tips that will help you on this.

Owned or hired vehicles

Most couriers in Melbourne do not have their own fleet of vehicles. Most couriers operate in collaboration with large courier companies who have their own fleet of vehicles. You need to check with your courier company that whether they use their own vehicles to deliver the parcels or not. Only if they would be using their own vehicles, they would be able to deliver parcels on time, irrespective of the location of the delivery.

Previous track record

You need to check out various review forums and try to check in person with some of the customers of the courier company to get a firsthand account on the services of the courier company. You need to find and select a reliable one as they would be handling some of the most important and valuable parcels on your behalf. If the courier company does not have a good and clean track record of delivering parcels in commendable conditions, then you should try out some other option that has the reputation of doing so.

You need to check on the proposed delivery timelines of the courier companies. For small distance deliveries, most companies should not ask for anything more than 60 or 90 minutes. Depending on how fast you need the courier to be delivered, you can also check on the availability of express services that will ensure faster delivery of your package at its desired destination.

Do not forget to check the zone distribution

Usually, courier companies divide the local area into a number of zones, and then they commit timelines. You can always ask to see the zone mapping so that you understand that the desired destination of the parcel would fall under which zone and hence how much time it will take exactly. Many companies also tend to charge the customers higher by mapping nearby places as out of zone areas and thereby charge you extra for delivering parcels to those places.

Once you get to see the zone division map, you would understand the true motive of the courier company; whether they are more interested in stashing their accounts with unduly charged courier services or do they actually intend to offer genuine and diligent services to their customers.