Uber: Helping you make that extra buck

Recent advancements in technology mean that more people are able to take advantage of efficiency in many businesses such as the taxi business. A case in point would be the launch of the Uber service in many countries all over the world. It is very efficient in that it helps clients and cab-owners meet using a mobile app. This eliminates wasting time that can be used for better things. Moreover, riding with Uber is so much cheaper. If you are a cab driver or you want to make some extra cash being a driver, this could be the best deal you could ever get since with Uber, you determine your schedule. All you need is a car in great shape and a few more other things and you are good to go! If you are wondering, how am I supposed to get a car in good shape? That’s simple; a car rental service like Keyz will definitely come in handy. With such a service, you need not worry about things like insurance and how old your car is since they have that part covered!


What do you need to drive for Uber?

Smartphone and Car: To drive for Uber, first you will have to get a car that is in very good condition. This can be covered by a rental service like Keyz in case you do not own an appropriate car. You will need a smartphone because it is used to track your car position in order to notify you of potential clients in your area. The phone is also where you track the amount spent during a ride and of course your Uber earnings.

Personal Auto Insurance: You also need to have personal auto insurance to drive for Uber. This is easy to get even online and is not overly expensive. It is much better for you if you use a car from a rental service such as Keyz since this part is normally covered for you.

Get your car inspected: Uber cars need to be inspected to make sure that it satisfies the minimum standards required by Uber. This can be done at your local car shop.

Background check: All Uber drivers go through a background check to ensure that they have no history of criminal charges. They should also have no history driving without a license, having fatal accidents or drug related charges. The background check goes as far as seven years back.

What to do to be a super successful Uber driver.

Maintain a 5-star rating: Uber drivers are rated by stars given by their clients after a ride. To keep earning from Uber, you need to maintain a 5-star rating since those with less than 4.6 are normally weeded out. To maintain this rating, be sure to be professional in your work and above all, care genuinely for your clients by giving them the best service. Also, actively tell your satisfied clients to give you a good rating. Many forget to give a rating after the ride.

Maintain a clean driving record: Run-ins with the law never did anyone any good. If you would want to succeed with Uber, you should consider following the rules of the road since the safety of your client counts! See more at http://keyz.com.au/